Bromley Court Hotel


The Bromley Court Hotel are the place to stay in Bromley. We started working with them when they were in the process of leaving the Best Western hotel chain and becoming a independent hotel again. We therefore had to create everything from scratch again from logo and marketing material to signage and exhibition banners. Their new brand has evolved over the last couple of years and reflects a more stylish and modern image which is more in line with the newly refurbished hotel.

Anderson & Garland

Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography and Print

We first started working with Anderson and Garland in 2009 where we started creating all of their press adverts to advertise all of their upcoming sales. The adverts were very successful and we then went on to re-brand all of Anderson & Garland's promotional material. We started with their logo and then produced all their stationery for correspondence and also created their sales brochures and private auction invitations.

Golden Flower

Branding, Packaging and Print

In February 2017 The Golden Flower under went a complete refurbishment and so wanted to recreate their logo, packaging and menus. Over the following months we recreated their logo, menus, food packaging boxes and leaflets to reflect an authentic and modern image for their business. Since they have re-launched in 2017 the new packaging and menu designs have proved very popular therefore boosting their sales. Plus they now stand out dramatically against the local competition cementing their reputation as the finest takeaway in the area.

Crowne Plaza


Over a period of time we have been commissioned to create a range of marketing and advertising material to portray the modern image of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. We have created a number of billboard adverts for the hotel to sell their expanding number of special events and services.

Lumley Castle

Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography and Print

Over a period of time we have been commissioned to create many pieces of marketing and literature to update the image of Lumley Castle Hotel's marketing materials. We have created a new look for which brings all their items in line and up to date yet still portraying an image of history which is very important for a Castle venue. We have created seasonal and Special Events brochures plus more business related items like exhibition banners, conference leaflets and posters to promote their meetings and events.

Staybridge Suites

Graphic Design and Print

We have designed and printed several items for Staybridge Suites Newcastle which include stationery, door hangers, signs, envelopes, packaging and room supplies which have all been designed to fit into their current corporate guidelines. All paper and materials used on these projects have been specially selected to be cost effective yet still also reflect the modern and upmarket image of the hotel.

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